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1 - Signing Up

I always say you never know what can come from one meeting.

What it can lead to one year down the line. Five years down the road.

In this case - it's led to making a feature length documentary.

In ultra running - I've learned that you just have to sign up for a race. You have to set goals and put yourself in situations to do things you otherwise wouldn't do. It helps make the unattainable, attainable.

Nobody knew exactly what we were signing up for when this project started.

Steve, myself, and Dreama included.

Steve and I had worked on a few projects in the past and were looking for that next project to scratch the creative itch. We had gone down a few paths without any results.

When pursuing a passion project (without funding) - I feel it's very important that those involved bring passion to the project. Otherwise - we're all kind of wasting our time. And it's not always easy to find those partnerships. Steve reached out to Corey who worked out of the same co-working space as he did in Denver. Corey is a co-founder of SANS meal bar. SANS has several sponsored athletes and he suggested Dreama might be someone interesting to feature.

So it starts with one meeting. We hopped on a Zoom call in March 2021 for an exploratory meeting. To learn more. One thing that struck me from the first convo was when Dreama said she loves struggle. I remember that making an impact on me. Things basically progressed from there. Steve and I were pumped about the possibility of creating a short doc on Dreama. Probably under 10 minutes - involving a couple shoot days.

The first convo when chatting with a potential subject of a doc film is always interesting. Both parties don't know for sure if they want to be involved. It's about learning. It must be even stranger for Dreama. It's not a normal request. And with doc filmmaking - things get personal quickly. Because we're trying to understand what makes people tick. What influences have shaped the way they view the world.

We've always appreciated Dreama's willingness to put herself out there. I guess I believe that - for the most part - people can tell if those around them have good intentions. I feel grateful to be working on this project with some great people.

- Chad


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